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Skyrunner Internet is a local ISP company that provides broadband connection and other ISPs to households as well as companies in the mid-western region. Skyrunner was founded in 2008 and is based in Chicago, and this WISPs main goal is to provide Internet connection to communities that do not have access to it for reasonable prices. Skyrunner offered broadband up to 100 Mbps through 30 fixed wireless towers that do not require the laying of cable or DSL. The company employs direct wireless communication to send information through the air between towers of up to 30 miles apart. This enables Skyrunner to easily link up rural towns and farms through flat terrains without having to dig up and lay cables at a significantly higher cost. At present, they serve more than 5000 residential and 500 business customers while it is on the process of growing its network reach. The major services include wireless internet for homes at $40 per month, telephone/television services, and business services and commercial internet connection. Promising local customer service and support, Skyrunner is easily recognizable. In this regard, as the day-to-day activities continue to go online, the company holds the vision of minimizing the gap between the urban and rural areas in terms of connectivity for high internet speed.

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