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Skynet Country Internet offers fiber optic internet access to those rural areas of the country where such service has not been implemented so far. Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Skynet was launched in April 2019 by a team of telecom engineers and local investors, with the mission to deliver broadband services in underserved regions of Pakistan. Today, many rural towns still have very slow or unreliable connections through digital subscriber line (DSL) or satellite internet. These networks cannot support the demands of today’s data. Skynet has been also gradually deploying its own fiber optic network with the speed of one gigabit per second. This new fiber backbone provides low latency and truly uncapped data, ideal for video conferencing and working from home, watching movies and playing games, and managing a contemporary company. Using innovative approaches and partnerships with local governments and utilities, Skynet can promptly and effectively lay fibre without interrupting the communities’ lives. Road closures and power pole access are organized efficiently by Skynet’s team, which drives construction progress rapidly. Skynet is easily contacted through US-based customer service that customers love. In less than two years of its operation, Skynet Fiber segmented the rural market and reached more than 50 counties. Many people now get high-speed broadband connections for their homes. Skynet is still an ambitious company with a plan of delivering fiber optics that will help every American client with the future internet experience but now dealing with non-existent internet connections. It is also rapidly expanding its fleet, which is important in the ongoing effort to bring life back to small towns across the United States.

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