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Sky Fiber brings unlimited internet connection through fiber optic with an amazing download speed of up to 1000Mbps. Sky Fiber means truly lightning-fast download speeds, high-quality streaming, and virtually no online lag. It has a symmetrical Internet connection, which means it uploads and downloads data at the same speed, making it suitable for services such as downloading movies, video calling family and friends, and sharing content on various social platforms. The fiber optic cable offers more bandwidth capacity compared to the copper cables present in the current internet cable infrastructures, making it more future-proof. Installing Sky Fiber is quite simple. It has been established that there is no contract involved, no hidden charges, and no data limitation. One of the peculiarities is that you are provided with a WiFi router to enable wireless connections to all your devices. The connections can be established quickly without any hassles, and you will be connected to the internet in no time. Sky Fiber ensures its customers get connected at a fast speed and if there is any issue the company has local offices and personnel to help. In line with its mission to deliver affordable and high-speed internet service, Sky Fiber has various packages that specialize in offering lightning-fast internet connection to households and businesses all over the Philippine archipelago. If you seek the best internet speeds in the country, with the best reliability, Sky Fiber has you covered. Unleash your Internet’s full capabilities now that you’re with Sky Fiber!

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