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Single Digits Internet is a new generation internet start-up company whose prime mission is to bring cheap and fast internet connections to individuals around the globe. Started by a team of technology innovators in the same year 2021, the company is set out with a mission to achieve internet connectivity at an affordable single-digit price point. Single Digits Internet’s use of balloon-powered internet towers is a unique selling point of the innovation. In the context of its business, the company sends balloons containing solar panels and communication tools into the stratosphere. The internet connectivity from these balloons can then be deployed down to a large area below. This will enable the company to lay down an internet connection without the need for extensive cabling and the erecting of towers. Wasting no time after winning the government grant, Single Digits Internet plans to use stratospheric balloons and solar power instead of the conventional infrastructure, which will reduce costs by offering 4G internet for $9 without data limits. It takes the form of single-digit pricing, making it possible for low income earners and areas that were not connected before due to high prices. This company intends to release more than 500 balloons in the future as it seeks to increase its coverage in Asia, Africa, and South America. The firm has an aggressive goal: to eliminate the digital divide worldwide without fail and make the Internet a utility like any other. Its unique model suggests a viable approach to delivering connectivity for all at a reachable price.

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