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Simply Bits Internet is a start Internet service provider which began operation in 2005 and which provides high-speed internet solutions, web hosting and IT solutions to home users, businesses among others. The Simply Bits company was founded in Springfield and now occupies an important position among Internet providers, having a 24/7 support service. With own built fiber optics network in each location Simply Bits can offer internet connection with the speed of up to 1Gbps, which is hundred times faster than the average cable connection. From business-class internet for videoconferencing, home schooling, gaming that requires a stable connection, or streaming movies in 4K, Simply Bits has just the right plan for you. For corporate clients, Simply Bits offers value-added services such as point-to-point fiber ethernet services, multi-site services, and cloud hosting services on enterprise-grade hardware and software platforms. They also have a team of IT experts who could help create and deploy customized solutions for business needs. As a leader in the telecom industry, Simply Bits Internet offers affordable rates, outstanding customer support from local teams, and some of the fastest connections you can get. It is for this reason that more households and businesses are drawn to Simply Bits for their basic internet service every year.

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