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Shentel Internet is one of the regional internet service providers that provides internet services, phone, and cable TV in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and other areas of Pennsylvania. Originally incorporated as a telephone company in 1902 Shentel has expanded the company into the 6th largest cable company in the United States. Broadband internet service is offered through fiber optic and cable connections with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps for cable connection and up to 1 Gbps for fiber optic connection depending on the locality. While these are some of the best internet speeds and connections many of the customers get a speed between 25 Mbps – 100 Mbps. There is a range of Shentel internet plans and all of them are reasonably affordable and not tied to an annual subscription. In addition to Broadband Internet, Shentel also provides Home Phones with unlimited local and long-distance calling and HDTV cable packages with over 200 channels. On the same note, Shentel Internet has had a good reputation concerning their local support and care regarding their clients’ issues. Since they are a local company targeting rural areas, it ensures that it offers its clients customized services and quick assistance if there is trouble with their equipment. It also has a stable performance on the reliability of the internet connection in terms of average uptime compared to the stability of the Shentel. For individuals living in rural setups and or areas that do not have access to the larger internet service providers, Shentel provides internet services that are fast and backed up by local service providers.

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