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ShastaBeam Internet is a niche ISP that provides internet services to the regions of Northern California. Founded in 2005, this company offers broadband Internet services to residents and commercial establishments in rural Northern California with limited Internet accessibility. ShastaBeam employs wireless technologies as well as the fiber optic network to provide internet connection speeds of up to one gigabyte per second. These providers offer their services to Shasta, Siskiyou, and Tehama counties, including small villages and other locations mostly not covered by massive national telecommunication companies. ShastaBeam is also engaged in a mission to deliver 21st century broadband connectivity to rural areas, and to do this, it collaborates with local authorities and other involved parties. It has aligned itself with its public sector counterparts to advance infrastructure initiatives for updating old and worn out machinery and strengthening their network’s coverage area. Due to embracing innovation, and expanding its network all the time, ShastaBeam has been able to address the digital gap in the lives of many people and firms that are its customers. Their locally based customer support and their affordable service also intend to ensure that quality internet access is fairly provided in Northern California. Further expansion is on the cards, and ShastaBeam brings with it basic broadband needs that open up the prospects of rural regions in the new age economy.

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