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Service Electric is a cable television and broadband communications provider with operations in some of the states in the USA particularly in Pennsylvania. Originally established in 1948, as a cable television service, Service Electric has expanded and is currently acknowledged as the ninth largest cable operator in the United States with over 400000 video as well as internet subscribers. Service Electric provides cable television services, phone as well as internet services in majority areas of Pennsylvania and select areas in New Jersey & Maryland. The channel package option spans local content and national channels, which can be considered a plus. Service Electric has also made a lot of efforts to enhance their internet capabilities with broadband internet speeds now at one Gig per second through a fiber hybrid fiber coaxial network. In addition to that, Service Electric being a local provider, would want to provide a stable service and good customer care to their respective areas of operation. The company has been ranked high in terms of customer satisfaction over the national cable and internet providers. The company also sponsors local business and occasions to the extent to which the serviced regions thrive. Through constant enhancement of infrastructure, and with emphasis on customer satisfaction, Service Electric has dedicated itself to the provision of television as well as internet solutions to its clientele in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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