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Service Electric is a regional cable Television and Broadband company located in Pennsylvania, USA. Originally established in 1948 under the name Service Electric Company, it was started by John Walson, with a simple cable antenna service to offer improved reception in the rural Pennsylvania communities. A decade later, Service Electric has expanded to provide cable television and internet service for central and eastern Pennsylvania as well as some areas in New Jersey. Now the company provides cable TV services with more than 200 channels including most loved news, sports, movie and etc. They also give their clients the opportunity to have whole-home DVRs, On Demand services and High Definition channels. For internet, Service Electric provides innovative and high-speed internet plans of up to 1 Gig for downloads, steaming, gaming and more. Compared to other ISPs, their internet plans are unlimited and have no contracts, coupled with friendly and readily available wifi coverage and customer service available all day and night. Currently, Service Electric has been serving clients for over 70 years and seeks to provide cable TV entertainment and fast internet services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey regions. They keep building on their fiber-optic network and enhancing their services at the same time while providing the lowest possible service rates for everyone even for families and do not have any additional or hidden charges. Another major benefit of choosing Service Electric is that they have a vested interest in local events within their service areas.

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  • fiber-optic network

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