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SenaWave Internet is an ISP located in the city of Sentul in Indonesia and it is known to be among the best. SenaWave is one of the most prominent ISPs that was established in the region in the year 2005 by a group of friends who share a passion for technology. SenaWave offers fiber broadband internet access to homes and business consumers throughout Sentul and other cities. They have competitive prices for packages that allow customers to have internet speeds up to 1Gbps and enable one to perform activities such as watching HD videos, playing online, and conducting demanding tasks. This site also provides exceptional customer care and support services throughout the day and night to assist clients in solving any challenges they face. One more strength of SenaWave is that it possesses a rather powerful, utterly contemporary network that is buried, which allows it to avoid outages provoked by weather conditions or any other extra situational circumstances. They also have secondary connections with most of the top global carriers to make sure that connections are always available no matter the state of the local communication infrastructure. SenaWave Internet, an ISP based in SenaWave has been providing internet service for the past 15 years, offering fast and reliable internet solutions, with good customer care service. They also strive to improve their services through increasing network capabilities and extending network coverage. Given that good internet is no longer a luxury in the modern world, SenaWave aims to provide the best connectivity to propel Sentul’s web requirements.

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  • Fiber-Optic Network

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