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Segra is an internet service provider that serves homes and businesses in the Southeast Region of the United States through fiber optic solutions. Segra was established in 2020 through the consolidation of two regional fiber organizations and has the mission to address the digital gap and provide internet services for consumers who currently have limited options for high-speed broadband. Segra’s internet packages offer fiber internet speeds as high as 1 gigabit per second with no data limits or contract-lock-in. It has a fiber network infrastructure that offers them reliable, low-latency connectivity that can effectively handle data-intensive activities as well as applications such as video streaming, gaming, and running a home office network. They have their areas of operations in North Carolina, South Carolina, the southeastern area of Virginia, and the northeastern area of Georgia. They have remained committed to deploying new fiber network projects in order to hook up more households that are currently unserved by broadband. Segra is a relatively new company that operates primarily as an acquisition vehicle for smaller internet companies and as a fiber competitor in areas where cable and DSL are insufficient. With a highly qualified leadership team, many of whom have over twenty years of experience in the telecom industry, Segra’s goal is to bring forward-thinking communities Gig Fiber, a modern and highly capable fiber optic internet that can efficiently support growth in both technology and bandwidth. It also plays a crucial role in the areas of direct sales and distribution and customer service and support, which act as competitive weapons in the target markets.

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