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SECOM Internet is another leading internet service provider in Indonesia. It is a subsidiary of PT SECOM Indopersada, which is a SECOM Co. Ltd. of Japan. SECOM Internet Company was founded in 1996 as a small company, but it has since become one of the leading internet and data communication service companies in the country. Internet Access: SECOM Internet offers internet connectivity services, which include broadband internet through cables and fiber optic leased lines, a virtual private network, web hosting, and domain registration, among others. It has its own metro-Ethernet network support system that is spread in almost all the major cities in Indonesia to ensure high connectivity. As of today, SECOM Internet has been providing internet solutions for more than twenty years and has thousands of corporate clients from the fields of banking and finance, retail business, manufacturing, the hotel industry, government offices, and small to medium enterprises. It is also believed for the good quality of customer service and the technical support that they offer. Facing the growing need for stable and secure internet connections in Indonesia, especially in the business sphere, SECOM Internet will remain an essential player, thanks to its vast network facilities and the focus on technology enhancement and specialists’ training, as well as delivering high-quality internet services for enterprises and organizations. In the future, it wants to extend the coverage of its networks to other parts of Indonesia.

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