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Sail Internet is a relatively new and fast-growing internet service provider company based in the United States of America the company was started in the year 2019 and its mission is to offer cheap and reliable high-speed internet connection to the people of the United States of America especially those in the rural areas. Sail Internet is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company that was established by a group of technology business pioneers who sought to make broadband access more widely available. Indeed, relying on a blend of fixed-wireless and fiber, Sail Internet is capable of providing up to 1Gbps internet connection for a reasonable price while avoiding the use of data limits and contracts. Concerning dependability, it is based on the constant monitoring of the networks and local specialists who can immediately sort out the problem. Sail Internet was launched two years ago, but today the company serves over 50 thousand households and SMBs in Georgia and the Carolinas. It is evident that they are strictly committed to the process of expansion in the second-tier regions that are not given much attention by the big ISPs. Sail Internet’s strategy to reinvest its revenue in the network growth and its expansion to reach even more people each year is ambitious. As an organization that values customer relationships and community involvement, Sail Internet seeks to help narrow the digital gap and bring quality and affordable, unlimited high-speed internet connection to everyone, irrespective of their location and financial status. Their cheap tarrifs and stable connection enable many more users to log in to the Internet and avail themselves of necessary tools, facilities, and opportunities.

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