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The availability of cheap and efficient broadband connections is still a major issue in the majority of unincorporated areas of the United States. While customers in urban settings can usually choose from a variety of broadband internet providers, the providers in rural settings are much scarcer due to the lack of infrastructure and required consumer density for wired broadband connections. However, it is equally important to close this gap since it is increasingly challenging to operate in today’s economy without internet access as well as to gain access to remote services such as telemedicine in rural areas. To help meet this need, several new wireless and satellite internet companies are penetrating new and uncharted regions. These companies are using technologies such as fixed wireless broadband, TV white spaces, low Earth orbit satellites, and more to come up with speeds that would be appropriate to support the demands of a household and small businesses. Co-operatives at local and regional levels as well as national telecommunications operators are seeking rural access strategies. Besides good practices expressed in creating political decisions and cooperation with the private sector, there is hope for making broadband access universal, irrespective of the place. It is necessary to ensure that quality internet connection is available and provided to rural communes today to support their social lives while at the same time providing the foundation for them to attract and maintain populations and develop in the future. While hurdles are still in place, bridging the rural-urban digital divide is in tune with prosperity for all of America.

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