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This means a situation where people in rural areas have access to the internet at a very high speed. Broadband access constitutes a critical issue in modern society, which has called for the development of broadband networks in rural areas. At the moment, more than 30 percent of rural Americans do not have internet access with a minimum broadband speed. This “digital divide” disfavors them as a means to access economic and educational opportunities they found online. It costs a lot of money to lay fiber/cable networks in rural areas; hence, the rural-urban divide in access to broadband is largely dependent on investment. It is an important activity for the government to support broadband deployment projects through grants and loan programs. Some great work being done by the government to facilitate the expansion of broadband in rural areas is the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, ReConnect Program, and Rural Broadband Access Loans and Loan Guarantees program. Emphasis is also given to the development of new wireless and satellite broadband networks that are suitable for contributing to the delivery of broadband connectivity in inaccessible regions. In addition to this, there is a partnership between the government and other local stakeholders, such as rural electric co-ops, other non-profit organizations, and internet service providers, in an effort to come up with localized solutions. Reducing the digital divide in rural areas will have tremendous social and economic impacts on American communities, improving health care and farming practices, and connecting producers and consumers with markets and government resources. High-speed internet services are relatively expensive, and when available, they help small businesses in rural areas grow and retain the population in rural counties.

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