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Royell Communications is an ISP operating in the Midwest region targeting clients in that region only. Established in 2005, Royell’s mission is to offer affordable and definitive broadband connections to rural and unserved points in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. As opposed to some of the larger national ISP players, Royell targets the provision of broadband connectivity to small towns and rural regions that clearly have not had access to quality internet networks. Royell has central fiber optic cables, fixed wireless towers, Digital Subscriber Line, and satellite networks so the maximum internet speed is as high as 1Gbps even in the regions with a low population density. This is evident from most of the providers in the region but what makes Royell stand out from the rest is its dedication in providing tailored solutions together with local support. The company these days is not designing a broadband in a new community from the scratch but rather is assessing the need and feasibility of constructing a new broadband network on the basis of the type of the new community that Royell size up on a case by case basis. They also have established 24/7 customer support centers in every state they offer services, to address individual needs of households and businesses benefitting from Royell internet services. Given that the internet is becoming more and more indispensable for business, education, telemedicine, and more, Royell Communications spearheads the provision of internet service to as many Midwestern communities as possible in order to help the states reduce the communications divide.

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