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It is a Roll-Call Internet that is a tech startup that was established in 2018 with offices in the United States and focuses on offering internet services to the rural areas. Originally founded in Denver, Colorado, Roll-Call was initiated by a team of engineers and venture capitalists who felt the need void in the communication systems for remote regions. Roll-Call brings internet connectivity through the wireless technologies such as: TV whites spaces, satellite and 4G/5G. Their own technology platform adapts and hops between these networks to keep the download speed and reliability consistent. They have come up with long-range wifi antennas, and solar-powered hubs that can transmit signals over great distances and areas considered challenging to cover. Since its inception in 2016, Roll-Call has made reliable broadband download connection accessible in over fifty rural towns across the Western United States. Particularly, with the help of the cooperation with local municipal authorities and service providers, Roll-Call provides internet connection from $20/month with the maximum speed of 25 Mbps. Their goal is to close the digital gap and provide internet, which remains expensive and out of reach for an estimated 24 million limited Americans irrespective of the location or financial status. As a relatively young company that focuses on the provision of innovative technologies and has ambitious social goals, Roll-Call is a company that can help to change people’s lives using existing opportunities in the field of communications.

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