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Rocky Ridge Wireless Internet is a company that offers internet services to clients in the town of Rocky Ridge. Rocky Ridge Wireless was started in 2005 by a group of IT workers and residents of the community with the main goal of offering solutions of wireless internet that is fast and reliable at an affordable price. Being a Rocky Ridge Wireless company, the wireless broadband plans offered are set at a high speed of 5Mbps to 100Mbps without limitations of data usage or limiting the internet speed. They operate a network of 53 towers strategically placed across the region to ensure that they deliver a wide and strong signal reception across homes and businesses in Rocky Ridge. Rocky Ridge Wireless has over 5 000 satisfied residential and business clients and it has friendly local customer service and support teams which are always available for any kind of assistance any time of the day. They offer a fairly affordable Internet services without obligatory annual contracts or additional charges. If you’re a downtown resident or a business owner who needs reliable home internet or business internet in and around the greater Rocky Ridge area, Rocky Ridge Wireless Internet is determined to bring the whole community online with affordable and fast wireless internet. For more information you can also call Rocky Ridge Wireless Internet today.

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