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Rock solid internet is a local ISP that provides broadband internet connectivity to a number of counties in the state. Rock Solid was established in 2005 by a few IT professionals and business ventures and with its growth in the last 15 years, this company has become one of the leading ISPs in the region. Rock Solid makes a difference by offering fast internet connection both for home and business usage at very reasonable prices. They also boast of having fibre optic connection that offers downloads at a rate of 1Gbps – a rate that is very fast in the current market. It also provides bundled phone and cable TV services with an option of access to HUNDRED HD channels. For businesses Rock Solid offers on ethernet fiber internet access that ranges from 10mb up to 10Gig. The most important aspect that can make Rock Solid stand out from its competitors is the customer issues management. Their technical support team is online and can assist clients with internet connection problems or hardware malfunction. They value fast response time and expect to solve most of the cases right over the phone. Indeed, Rock Solid does well by its customers – in a recent poll, more than 80 per cent of the respondents deemed the company’s service as “outstanding. ” It is no wonder that Rock Solid Internet is experiencing upward growth each year since the company offers fast and reliable internet services coupled with good customer care service. As the demands for technology increases, this locally based internet service provider is set to go on providing the citizens and other clients with internet services they require.

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