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Ritter Communications is a regional telecom company that provides internet, telephony, and cable television services to homes and businesses in some areas of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. With regard to the internet, Ritter Communications boasts high speed broadband occasioned by its fiber optic network connection. They offer their clients different internet connection speeds according to their needs and the location of their homes; The start up package ranges from 30 Mbps, which is suitable for small families that do not use the internet a lot, up to 1 Gbps for big families that have many users and devices. This means that regardless of the speed you choose, you get unlimited monthly data with round-the-clock technical support. Ritter also provided an internet service guarantee that consists of the following: the company promises to resolve the issue with internet speeds or allow the client to terminate the contract. Ritter internet customers can also opt for a home phone service or cable TV in a package because the prices offered are cheaper than when the services are taken individually. By having well-trained technicians and customer service representatives, Ritter is out to provide the fastest speed and consistent connections among the communities covered.

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  • Fiber

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