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Remote Internet connectivity, as the name suggests is internet connection from a place remote from the central urban business districts or areas that have favorable connectivity physical infrastructure. That is why it was possible to establish connectivity in such regions, as there are few people, rough topography, and no economical interest of telecom and internet providers. To this end, several research networks and government agencies have attempted to discuss how these remote areas could be linked in other ways. Some of them are: satellite based internet services, TV White Space technology, use of solar power in providing WiFi hotspots, creation of long range WiFi antenna networks and use of community networks founded by local entrepreneurship. There are a number of challenges that persist in the Polish renewable energy sector, namely the shortage of reliable electricity supply and high costs. But being connected can offer possibilities of making money, obtain vital services, contributing to the narrowing of the digital gap, and equalizing people’s opportunities in the sphere of sales and services for those who live in remote areas. This can apply to telemedicine, online classes and contacting distant relatives, information on government-related programs for farmers and fisherfolk, financial transactions, shopping and many others. Universal service obligation is a policy instrument encouraging service providers to offer reasonably priced internet in places that do not have the critical mass of consumers who will create a market for such services or revenue prospects. Further advancements in the area of augmenting dependability and sustainability of internet connectivity in far-flung regions continue to be a focal point.

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