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RCN is an American company that provides internet and telecommunications services via fiber-optic and cable broadband connections to individuals and corporations residing in urban centers within the United States. RCN started in 1993 in Princeton, New Jersey, and it has grown to service Boston, Chicago New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and some surrounding regions. Currently, RCN boasts some of the most competitive internet connection speeds; fiber connection offers up to 8 Gbps of download and upload speed. Starting with their standard cable internet service, it has a range of a minimum of 200 Mbps for downloading. This makes them one of the few providers that offer Gigabit internet speeds to homes and businesses. Thus, this makes them one of the few providers that offer Gigabit internet connection to residential clients. In addition to internet service, RCN offers communication services inclusive of TV and home phone service. This is evidenced by the fact that their cable TV packages and equipment elicit high consumer satisfaction indices as compared to other options in their respective regions. And they have spent a lot of money on customer satisfaction, hoping to avoid direct competition with some of the powerful but not very popular providers. Although the internet speed will depend on certain geographic locations, RCN’s primary concern is to offer a quality experience complemented by solid customer service. As they continue expansion to new regions as they have planned they intend to rival Google Fiber and challenge the primary ISP industries.

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  • Cable, Fiber

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