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Rapid Systems Internet is a fast growing internet service provider that was established in 1995 and with its main operational base in Los Angeles, California. In the last quarter of a century, the company has expanded and evolved to offer some of the speediest internet services in the area, the internet service providers with over 5 million customers based in southern California. Rapid Systems offers its clients fixed broadband internet access over fiber optic networks with download rates that could go up to 1 Gbps, which is sufficient for enjoying movies in high definition, play video games on the net, or participate in video conferences. Their network is fully redundant, hence, there are always standby connections to ensure that customers do not experience interruptions. It also provides bundled phone and cable TV services with choices of over 300 of high definition channels. This is another area where Rapid Systems is all the more superior; they have outstanding customer relations. Their technical support people are available 24/7 by phone or through online chat, and are all based in the US; they are widely praised as being knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. They also offer website based account center with usage features and notification systems as well. Reasons range from competitive pricing, quick response via the Internet, and the latest prices to the availability of friendly and technical support from the technicians from Rapid Systems Internet; this is one of the leading internet providers of internet facilities in the Southern California for more than a Quarter century.

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