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Ptera Internet is a relatively new company that is seeking to offer fiber optic internet solutions, especially in rural settings. Incorporated in 2019 by a group of telecom engineers, Ptera was established to provide value to society by extending affordable and quality internet services to as many people as possible, especially in rural regions. While the large corporate ISPs have been studying and building broadband in rural areas that have been largely ignored, Ptera has been concentrated solely in rural areas that have been starved of proper broadband services and choices. With the blend of the newest technologies such as fixed wireless and satellite together with fiber, Ptera has the opportunity to deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps for a reasonable price. The prices they offer are rather reasonable, while the performance of their services remains fast and efficient. It presently provides fiber internet services to homes and offices in some parts of Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. Having more funds and other structures, they have strategies for expanding more across the Northwest and the Midwest within the next 3-5 years. They are also inclined towards maximizing community relations while aiming at meeting the connection demands of their clients. For Ptera as the organisation continues to grow, they would like to be an example of how they can provide internet service to rural areas and improve their lives and economy across the country. As an operator with fast, reliable, and affordable internet, they offer hope to the rural population in closing the economic and education gap.

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