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PS Lightwave is a telecoms provider situated in the Philippines that specializes in offering fiber broadband internet services. The major customers are homeowners and small organizations. Founded in 2016, PS Lightwave relies on a 100% fiber-optic infrastructure to offer internet services that are both fast and dependable for consumers. Some of the services that are provided by PS Lightwave include the home fiber optic internet plans, which start at 500 Mbps and go up to 1 GB/s, and these are offered at a very friendly price regime in terms of monthly charges. The following are general services offered by the company in addition to internet service, which includes internet leased lines: Internet services with cable TV and phone services are bundled in different packages depending on the client’s requirements. PS Lightwave also offers tailored solutions that are more suitable for organizations that need dedicated connections for their core activities. PS Lightwave is a Filipino firm that has the mission of providing fiber optic services to people located in the various regions of the Philippines as well as in the urban and suburban areas of the country. Through a free and open connection with unlimited upload and download speeds at affordable prices, PS Lightwave is expanding the availability of fiber internet for Filipino homes and businesses and demonstrating that fiber provides precise, flexible connectivity for work, play, education, and beyond. The company is on a mission to close the digital gap and offers world-class connectivity to Filipinas through its growing network.

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