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Welcome to PrineTIME Internet Solutions; we are an internet service provider dedicated to providing you with an opportunity to access the internet at an incredible speed, reliability and for a reasonable fee. Established in 2005, PrineTIME employs the modern network technology to offer broadband internet services through cables and fiber optics with maximum download speeds up to 1Gbps. Knowing these nuisances have the ability to cause homes and businesses to suffer from no internet service, PrineTIME has made sure to allocate a lot of focus on the network and the customers. This proves that their network guarantees 99. 99% uptime with constant network monitoring and multiple backbones. However, if the clients encounter any problems, they can consult competent technical support technicians that are on standby, day and night. Currently, PrineTIME is actively expanding the availability of its networks in several more states, but they still focus on the communities. This way, PrineTIME is able to contribute back into the communities which are home to their operations through youth sports teams and events. From affordable pricing to fast download and upload speeds, to being locally owned and operated, PrineTIME Internet Solutions is the one and only choice no matter if for home or for business. They provide fast and dependable internet connection that supports the maintenance of families and businesses through constant communication and knowledge connection.

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