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PocketiNet Communications is among the prominent Internet service providers, operating in Midwest region. PocketiNet Communications was established in 2008 and has expanded tremendously and is currently one of the most reputable high-speed internet service provider in areas that are rural in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. PocketiNet, for instance, has visions of providing affordable and efficient internet service in areas that have not benefitted from such services and is able to provide broadband connection of up to 1Gbps through wired and wireless technologies. They have symmetrical fiber-optic connection ideal for many users and devices since they do not throttle the speeds at peak hours. For the more distant areas, they use installed towers that transmit fast signal through space. Some of the outstanding features of this company include; Customer service- PocketiNet has a reputation for offering one of the best customer services in the market. Network- PocketiNet has a very reliable network. Their network engineers watch over and manage the network at all times for the most effective utilization. Local-based support teams are available, and they are ready to address any connection problems or inquiries that customers may have. Despite the challenging Midwestern climate, PocketiNet has been able to sweat through even the worst weather to ensure that service is constant. PocketiNet provides internet services and it offers its services to many households residing in rural areas who need a fast and reliable internet connection for work or school or other activities. Their future plans are more aggressive and they plan to extend their operations even more to finally reduce the digital gap in the region in the next years.

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