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This company is a regional internet service provider that provides its services in the Great Plains, one of the regions in the United States of America. Established in 2005, Plains Internet initially began offering internet services in the form of DSL and dial up internet to those rural areas which lacked the access to the internet in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota. As other newer technologies for accessing broadband such as cable and fiber optics have emerged and gained more market share, Plains Internet has been able to advance the coverage area of network it offers and improve the existing facilities. Currently, Plains Internet provides broadband internet with the use of DSL as well as cable. Cutting-edge download speeds average 25-50 Mbps on cable service and 3-15 Mbps on DSL, with distance from central nodes taken into account. In addition, Plains has engaged with some small local telecoms to add fiber service to some of the towns too. Besides the provision of residential internet connection, Plains Internet also offers business internet services, website hosting, email hosting, security services for business entities in business sectors such as agriculture, industries, financial, health and retail sectors in its operational area. By providing connection to over 15,000 and counting, Plain Internet has evolved as a key infrastructural technology solution participating to the growth of rural Midwestern economics.

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