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Pilot Internet is an ISP that provides residents with high speed internet connection through fiber optics solutions to homes and commercial buildings. Originally launched in 1999, Pilot initially offered only dial-up and basic DSL Internet connection services specifically in rural Midwestern territories. Pilot has been gradually constructing its own fiber optic network to reach more cities and towns because it has already passed 100 cities and towns in 5 states. Some of the key differences that one can easily note about Pilot Internet as compared to the rest of the service providers are that they have local customer care and technical support. At Pilot, you will be calling people who are your neighbors and who are employed locally not in a call center from another country. This makes it possible for them to serve customers to their expectations while being in a position to deal with any problems that may occur. Pilot also provides help section so help is always nearby if you have some difficulties or questions. With Pilot fiber, customers can get top speeds of one Gbps with no limits on data usage, which is more than enough for streaming, gaming, video calls, and smart home use. Companies that have adopted their network have ensured that their networks are redundant and fail-over to ensure that they are a lot operational. Pilot Internet offers affordable broadband services with an upstream speed that matches its downstream speed, and quality customer support localized in the areas it serves. With the advancement of technology, Pilot on the other hand seeks to broaden their network in order to enhance their connectivity solution for the platforms’ communities.

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