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Phoenix Internet is a key internet service provider in the Phoenix metropolitan area and has been in the business for the past two years. Phoenix Internet was established in 2005 as a small internet service provider and has expanded its coverage and customer bases to over 50000 residents and business entities in the valley. Being an internet service provider, Phoenix Internet offers fiber optic internet, offering its customers connection speeds of up to 1Gbps which enables one to stream HD videos, game online, and even engage in video calls. Their network is very strong with 99. 99% uptime and they also offer dedicated technical support online at all times. For home use and occupations, Phoenix Internet provides no-contract tariffs with rates up to 100Mbps.

The following are the features of the Phoenix Edge Router rental in all plans: Stronger Wi-Fi coverage Additional to the services listed above, Phoenix Internet offers business-class service in which; it offers static IPs, higher speed connections, and service level agreements. While on some points Phoenix Internet may not differ from other providers, it pays particular attention to customer relations and local context. As a Phoenix-based company, they provide sponsorship to the communities and youth sports teams. As for the key values, Phoenix Internet offers affordable services, high speed, and guaranteed connectivity, so the company intends to become the leading ISP in Phoenix for homes and businesses. Even more, with the development of the cities in the Valley, Phoenix Internet aims to connect more homes to the fiber network for the best internet.

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  • Fixed Wireless, DSL

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