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Peak WiFi Internet is a relatively local internet service provider that provides high-speed internet connections to rural areas. Established in 2005 by a few local businessmen, the company, popularly known as Peak WiFi, has the vision of extending broadband services to less-served markets to minimize the digital gap. For instance, Peak WiFi is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers and maintaining the integrity of its network through the use of a fiber backhaul and fixed wireless service, which promises up to 100 Mbps connection speed. Their internet packages are versatile for different uses, ranging from general use to those that require a large amount of data, such as video streaming, and much more, featuring packages for unlimited data usage for the modern world’s use of the internet. A current Wisconsin-based company, Peak WiFi, boasts itself as a local ISP that actively participates in community affairs. To this end, they contribute to local events and initiatives and try to be sensitive to the distinct demands of the region. It also has strong customer service personnel who are residents of these areas and can easily be reached during emergencies. Peak WiFi has been in the business of providing broadband services in rural areas for more than 15 years now, and despite the growth in its coverage area, the company maintains its standard and has proved to be one of the best regional companies. They seek to ensure that other individuals living in rural areas get connected through better internet service that is in line with what may be available in urban areas.

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