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Parker FiberNet Internet is a company offering high-speed fiber optic internet connections to its clients, with the internet service area being within the Parker, Colorado, region. This paper aims to outline why it is important for Parker, a suburb of Denver, to embrace high speed internet for its residents as well as organizations as it continues to expand. Today, cable internet is about 10 mbps, while Parker FiberNet uses fiber optic technology to offer up to 1 gbps. This blazing fast speed enables the user to watch movies in high definition, play online games, conduct video conferences, and do other things without a hitch. Fiber optic internet is also much more reliable than traditional approaches such as DSL or satellite connectivity. For the families, Parker FiberNet means that each of the members can be on the Internet simultaneously without experiencing lags. Husbands cook burgers and wives watch TV while daughters chat with friends and sons play video games online. For business people, the faster and more reliable internet means a lot to their everyday business without having to go downtown. The company has friendly tariffs and offers them to members of the residential zone, and members of the business zone. Parker FiberNet’s goal is to have the whole city connected as Parker, CO, grows in terms of size and population. For those fortunate enough to access it, Parker FiberNet Internet is among those service providers offering the fastest internet service in the state.

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