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OzarksGo is an ISP situated in West Plains, Missouri, that provides residents and commercial enterprises in the Ozarks area of southern Missouri with broadband internet service. It was started back in 2018 and was aimed at connecting rural communities to faster broadband connections. It is also important to understand that OzarksGo can provide up to 100 Mbps via the fixed wireless network, which does not require cabling. This enables the company to quickly deliver service, including in the most geographically distant regions. OzarksGo strives to bring affordable quality internet to the people of the Ozarks; and with the plans mentioned above featuring no data limits, they are well on their way towards achieving that goal. Az a helyi szolgáltatóként az OzarksGo méghozzáállásra helyezi a hangsúlyt, továbbá a közösségnek nyújtott támogatásokra. For this reason, most technicians reside within the proximity of the service areas to ensure that they are readily available for installations and any repair work. The company also supports local programs and activities for events as it is a community sponsor. After the constant development of the network infrastructure, OzarksGo Internet aims to bring high-speed, stable connectivity to the whole of southern Missouri, someday. Their prices are pocket-friendly, they have very quick internet speeds, and they are very focused on the communities they serve compared to other large corporate internet service providers in the region. This is where players such as OzarksGo, with its plans to expand broadband services across rural communities in America, will be important in the quest to close the urban-rural digital divide.

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