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Optimus Communications is a premier internet service company that provides broadband internet access in various stations in the country. Established in 2005, Optimus has expanded considerably over the years thanks to the investment in networks and customers. Optimus offers fiber optics and cable connection Internet packages with download speeds of up to 1Gigap bits per second thus enabling you to enjoy internet speeds that can support movie streaming, online gaming and even multiple connections. Internet packages are supported by a high-end WiFi router and also 24/7 customer service. Customers can go for a monthly or an annual contract with the available options of package deals with Optimus TV and Optimus home phone. The last advantage of Optimus internet as mentioned by the company policy is the reliability where the company guarantees the internet uptime of 99. 9%. The network itself is designed with fail-safes to ensure that no disconnection happens whether it is from the network, the website, or the server. Optimus also has skilled on-field technicians to ensure that our team responds to any problems that may occur. Catering to home and office customers, Optimus Communications has grown to become the internet service provider of choice for consumers seeking high quality connections in the metro and other parts of the country due to affordable rates and subscription fees, dependable services, and a customer-oriented approach.

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