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Net neutrality is an idea that all internet traffic should be provided equal treatment by ISPs, especially regarding paid prioritization. The concept is that ISPs must not interfere with the content of the Internet in any way, shape or form in other words, ISPs have to allow Internet services to flow through their networks unhindered and unfettered. The values that the concept of open broadband internet depends on are the principles of net neutrality, which aims at the fact that everyone should be provided with equal opportunity to access any content and applications on the Internet as well as regardless of the source or user. Measures to strengthen net neutrality’s principles, the goal is to prevent the broadband Internet access markets, as well as to preserve the Internet’s inherent principles of openness, decentralization, and diversification. Those who support open broadband internet say that it stimulates innovation because market dominant companies cannot regulate access to broadband internet, thus giving consumers more freedom on what they want to see and do on the internet. Still, critics are not in favor of such rules, stating that they negatively impact investments in broadband networks and facilities. Maintaining the right balance between, on one hand, supporting the innovative variable and, on the other hand, encouraging the investment on the networks has been one of the main issues that have marked the political agenda in relation to the principles of open broadband internet in recent years.

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