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Open air wireless internet refers to wireless internet that enables use of the internet in open areas, that is, any location where one can access the internet through a Wi-Fi connection. When more cities and towns install open-access Wi-Fi hotspots in parks, town squares, the seashores, and other places of outdoor activity, it gives people free internet without requiring a personal cellular data plan. Open-air Wi-Fi has the noble social purpose of making connectivity fair for all people and thus should continue to be allowed. As wireless and open networks grow, in the near future, there might be towns and cities where one can get online at any corner or in a park. It is useful in the practice of the functions that require connection, including teleworking, streaming, employing map and travel applications, and making video calls to friends and families. It also ensures that effective internet access, which is such a crucial service in today’s interconnected world, is also provided to the financially disadvantaged. Naturally, open-access networks also present certain privacy and security issues that are going to have to be tackled. However, with more networks rolling out better security measures as well as the ever-increasing awareness and appreciation of the concept of free open Wi-Fi, demand and coverage are set to rise. In the not-too-distant future, people strolling through public squares and on beaches surrounded by fellow citizens may take as natural a part of their environment an open air wireless internet connection as the light of the sun above their heads.

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