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Northland Communications is a limited ISP company based in northern Minnesota and providing internet connection services in some parts of Wisconsin as well. Started in 1996 to provide internet connections to rural areas that lacked enough communication networks, Northland has expanded to become one of the leading ISPs in the area. Northland provides different internet products for homes and businesses, with data downloaded at up to 1 GB/s through fiber optics and fixed wireless. Their fiber internet service offers incredible and stable connection speeds, making it ideal for numerous connected devices together with activities that require high bandwidth, such as downloading videos, playing online games, and others. Northland also offers wireless internet for those who are not in the fiber network coverage area, this uses point-to-point radio signals. Although not as speedy as their fiber service, the wireless plans also range from 25Mbps to 100Mbps, which are adequate for most home and small office use. Today, all Northland internet services offer unrestricted usage of the internet as well as around-the-clock technical assistance. Northland Communications has been in the business of providing communication services to rural customers in the region with very severe winter conditions for over 20 years, and thus can attest to the fact that it has the expertise required to deliver fast internet in the specified areas. Focusing on technological advancement as well as increased demands on the internet, Northland is striving to extend the all-fiber network to connect more communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin with future-proof, gigabit connections.

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