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North Coast Wireless Communications (NCWC) is an ISP company located in Humboldt County, California, that focuses on providing wireless broadband Internet services. Formed in 1995, NCWC offers broadband wireless Internet services in areas that have very limited networking access in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties. The company uses a fixed wireless and terrestrial network in combination with a satellite network and provides residents and businesses with broadband internet up to 25 MB. Their fee structure and service offering are quite reasonable and well developed for this area. Whether you only want a simple Internet connection for email and browsing the World Wide Web at 3 Mbps or a business class 25 Mbps symmetric connection, NCWC seeks to offer its clients quality broadband. Specifically, NCWC seems to have responded very well to the customer service and technical support issues, which are probably due to the localized company. There is the presence of technicians throughout the region in order to meet any emergencies that arise. NCWC has been serving this rural area along the North Coast of California for more than two decades, and thus they know the difficulties and limitations of getting internet connectivity to the area, but by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, they were able to bring broadband connections to those who required them most. Despite the positive progress that has been recorded, NCWC continues to strive to enhance connectivity in all the places they operate.

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