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NoaNet is a non-profit public broadband network that connects schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, state emergency services, and other local governments in the state of Washington. NoaNet began operations in 2000, and it relies on a fiber-optic network spanning more than 3,000 miles to offer broadband connectivity and Internet solutions to the regions that have little or no access to such services. Being a middle mile network, NoaNet connects with the internet service providers in the local areas to ensure people have an avenue to access the internet. Broadband access must be made available to more households and businesses and this can only be possible through allowing the ISPs to connect to NoaNet’s high capacity fiber backbone because establishing broadband infrastructure in some areas might be very costly. This serves to boost economic development and prospects in small, rural, and tribal communities that may otherwise not have premium connectivity. NoaNet also offers a host of telecommunication services particularly suited for anchor customers like schools, hospitals, libraries, and state departments. Offerings include hosted firewall, voice over internet protocol, video telephony and wide area network service delivery specially designed to meet needs. The revenue that NoaNet obtains through funding allows the expansion of the network and STEM activities in Washington as a nonprofit organization. For two decades, NoaNet has played an active role in the digital inclusion landscape, providing the necessary broadband connectivity to the hundreds of isolated and remote villages that wish to succeed in the contemporary world.

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