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The company is known as Natural GC Internet and is an Internet Service Provider that operates from Rural Hall, North Carolina. Founded in 2005, Natural GC’s mission is to bring high-speed fiber internet access to the majority of the California state and other areas that have limited access to this type of service. Natural GC embraces state of the art fiber optic technology for internet access speed up to 1 Giga per second. This can allow the client to always stream high definition videos, download files quickly, conduct virtual meetings uninterrupted, and even connect multiple devices to the internet. The biggest strength of Natural GC is the company’s customer relations and support together with the core values that it has embraced for its serviced communities. Internet connectivity problems provide an opportunity to request the assistance of a technician at any time of the day. It also gives much attention in engaging to local charities, schools, as well as other community groups. Natural GC is one of the firsts to introduce fiber internet in rural North Carolina and thus ensures that people in these regions get connected. If they have stable connectivity with good bandwidth, this will expand commercial opportunities and enable students and residents to engage in better digital opportunities. As Natural GC works to extend the area that its fiber has reached more North Carolina community will be beneficiaries to blazing fast, reliable internet.

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