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Nasircle Networks is a versatile ISP that provides both suburban and rural areas with fiber optic internet connectivity services. Being established in 2005, Nasircle has developed into one of the most believable and fastest ISP’s in the region. Nasircle can offer up to 1 Gbps of internet since the company can construct its fiber optic network, meaning that people living in more rural areas can have much faster internet than they used to have DSL or satellite internet. Their fibre infrastructure is future proof and can easily be upgraded to deliver even faster multi-gigabit connectivity in the future. Having received accolades as to customer relations and being one of the cheapest providers – Nasircle is tasked with the mission to eliminate the digital gap and provide fast and stabile internet connection to the less-served regions. They provide several home and business internet packages with fixed or unlimited tariff volume. The plans come with the option of using Nasircle’s cutting-edge wifi router for powerful whole-house wifi connectivity. Nasircle Networks is similar to other companies in that it is seeking to build a fibre-optic network for the benefit of consumers and businesses, while at the same time providing essential what for residents of rural areas. Nasircle – a strategically developing company with significant investment plans for the following five years – aims to expand the number of potential consumers over a million.

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