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Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network Details:

MUFN is a high-speed fiber-optic internet network that is owned and managed by a combination of government and private entities to provide internet connections in a major city. MUFN works towards the attainment of an inclusive society that enjoys ultra-high-speed fiber internet without discriminating based on the socioeconomic status of the business, the community, or the residents of a given region. Through an open-access model, MUFN brings together existing public and private fibers to form a single network, which makes it easier to share the high cost of fiber deployment. It serves as ‘fiber highways,’ with installations in the metro region, for which telecommunications carriers purchase in bulk. Such providers can then make gigabit connectivity affordable to consumers while competitively offering the service. By offering fiber Internet connections with speeds up to 100–1000 times faster than average broadband, MUFN plans to prepare the region for the future in terms of Internet connection for decades. The high bandwidth capability opens new vistas for using telemedicine, working from home or distance, developing smart structures and buildings, and data-driven business. In the context of MUFN being an open-access network, it means the existing infrastructure can be enhanced with new technologies that provide more capacity, without requiring the reconstruction of the physical plant. There is the possibility of changing a region with ubiquitous connectivity through the potentials that are given by MUFN.

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