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Morgan Wireless Internet is a regional ISP company that aims to deliver high speed, reliable, and affordable broadband internet services to the areas where they are needed most – rural Midwest. The company was founded in 2008 by Tim Morgan, a resident of the Midwest region, which aims to provide internet services after the company was initially launched to provide broadband internet in Tim’s home city, which was often underserved. Morgan Wireless Internet is unique in the way that it employs the fixed wireless technology that transmits signals via broadcasting equipment fitted to the company’s towers and the receivers that are installed in customer residences and businesses. Thus, they can afford to offer speed that can be equal to both cable and DSL without having to physically string fiber or cables across great distances. They now have more than three hundred towers that address rural terrains across Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. In line with its goal of providing affordable internet to the farmers, businesspersons and students living in rural areas, Morgan Wireless achieves this by offering affordable internet to such farming communities. They have numerous packages available with speed up to 100Mbps at fairly inexpensive and competitive prices as those offered in large cities. With the advancement of technology to the current generation, Morgan Wireless has continued to make improvements that will enhance the network such that rural Midwest communities will not lag behind in the current society.

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