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Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph (MTT) is an NTCA/RS member that is a regional telecommunications provider of voice, data, and video services to customers in central Illinois. MTT was first established in Monmouth, Ill as a local telephone operator in 1902 and has expanded over the last century to supply more than 15,000 homes and companies. MTT provides fiber optic internet services with speeds of up to 1Gbps for its customers within its service-delivering areas. Given the fact that MTT Internet offers different tiers of speed depending on the needs of the consumers, the service provider can cater to households with many users and devices that can be connected to the World Wide Web. Every MTT internet plan offers unlimited usage and does not have any form of throttling or rationing of data. Another aspect that should be mentioned is that MTT is a company that targets Communities in Central Illinois, and this is why they guarantee fast and reliable customer service and quick response in case of connection problems. MT&T is a local telephone and Broadband Internet Service provider serving central Illinois since it was established in 1903. As the physical media have gone through copper to fiber, MTT has continuously adapted its networks to present the state-of-the-art in delivering the highest speed and the best value internet access to its devoted customers in the numerous small towns it covers. In this aspect, MTT employs local technicians and has offices in central Illinois to ensure that it offers solutions that are suited for the region.

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  • Copper, Fiber, DSL

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