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Mobi Internet is a well-established telecommunication company that offers internet connection through mobile broadband services in the country. Originally started in 2005, Mobi has quickly and steadily expanded over the last fifteen years to become one of the most well-known companies around today. Mobi has incorporated the most advanced technology in the field of fiber optic connection resulting to a fast and reliable internet connection. Their network capacity can easily support high quality streaming video in a format of 4K or greater, lag-free gaming, and immediate download of large files. Mobi has several cheap products for homes and offices and they can get up to 1Gbps without throttling their data. Another important aspect of Mobi Internet is customer support, which the company seems to provide outstandingly. They have a large network of service centers and individual call centers in all the reputed cities. Anyone can walk into any of the centers or call the helpline for instant problem solving by skilled operators. The company also offers the customer service through online chat that is always active and available round the clock. Prepaidcellularphone company Mobi, which aims to bring telecommunication services to every home and business, has been stepping up its network coverage in the rural areas and small cities. The number of subscribers has grown beyond 5 million, which identifies the high quality of services provided. Still with new products under development, Mobi has the vision to improve the internet user experience for millions more in the coming years.

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