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Mo-Ark Communications Internet is an ISP, and it was founded in the Missouri-Arkansas region of the United States. Originally established in 1995 and owning fiber optic network infrastructure, Mo-Ark offers broadband internet services to residential and commercial end-users in Missouri and Arkansas’ rural areas. Mo-Ark, established over 25 years ago, has laid down numerous fiber optic connections across their service territory to allow them to provide internet connections with speeds ranging from one gigabyte per second. They provide fiber broadband services to several thousands of customers through their networks that span over 1,500 miles. Mo-Ark boasts solid and accessible high-speed internet connectivity coupled with satisfactory customer relations in unsaturated regions that national internet service providers may not consider offering their services to. They are still engaged in the deployment of fiber optics, so that they can deliver fast connectivity to even more rural communities in their effort to reduce the gap between those with internet and those without. The business telecommunication solutions that Mo-Ark also provides for SMBs include internet connectivity, business phone solutions, computer and network solutions, web hosting services, and other IT solutions in their region. Friendly local customer service and a talented team of technologists are in place to ensure that their customers are connected by services that are the best in terms of quality and availability. It is from this technological evolution that Mo-Ark intends to utilize their superior regional fiber connection to increase speeds and capability. As their main goal is to bring faster and more efficient Internet to the rural population, they want to see more villages become connected, as the Internet is one of the key factors that define the quality of life and economic development of a region.

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