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MHN is an ISP that is established in Denver, Colorado who specialises in providing online connection, web mail, web hosting and other services to consumers and companies. Mile High was established in 1995 and has expanded as the largest Independent Internet Service Provider in the Rocky Mountains. Utilizing its owned network facilities and equipment, Mile High Networks offers broadband Internet services using cable and Digital Subscriber Line technologies with different possible bandwidth from 200MB to 1GB per second. It has a fiber-optic infrastructure that provides users with a faster and more reliable connection for browsing and streaming. The Mile High internet plan provides an open-network policy, which means that it has no limitations on data consumption. Among other services offered by Mile High Networks, is web hosting for Linux and Windows for individual and commercial websites respectively. email hosting services, domain name services hosting, cloud backup solutions and other related services are some of the other services they offer. Due to competent employees comprising of IT professionals and engineers, the company aims at delivering high-quality services as well as dependable customer support to the subscribers in Denver and other nearby areas. He also stated that the company is committed to becoming the market leader in broadband services in the region.

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