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Metro by T-Mobile is a telecom company that focuses on providing wireless phone services, affordable phone and internet connection without requiring a contract or credit check. The company offers them high-speed internet service, particularly the 5G internet service that enables users on the move to connect by using a wireless hotspot device. Metro offers wireless internet service at $25 a month for 4G LTE service and comes with up to 10GB of data allowance. For the $35 per month, you will be able to enjoy unlimited connection to the 4G LTE network whether for streaming, browsing, sharing or chatting, among others. They also have a $50 per month 5G unlimited plan that allows for high-speed downloads and uploads for streaming your favorite video or for playing online games. Another advantage of using wireless internet provided by the Metro is its complete absence of interfering credit checks and binding contracts for long months. You only decide which data plan you want for a certain month and then you pay based on that. Basic charges are in line with the advertised monthly amounts, which contain taxes and fees. Apart from signing up and cancellation, you can also use your compatible device or purchase a hotspot from Metro. Hence whenever you require cheap internet that is mobile and wireless on the move, you can go for Metro by T-Mobile known for offering speed and value.

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  • Mobile Broadband

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