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MetaLINK Technologies is an internet service provider company of the rural area of Idaho in the United States. MetaLINK was established in 2005 by a group of local IT experts whose main goal is to provide high-speed, low-cost internet connection to residents in the region who are still lacking decent access to the internet. Some of the technologies that MetaLINK uses for broadband access include fiber optic cables, fixed wireless towers, DSL, and satellite internet; MetaLINK establishes its own network infrastructure. This lets the company provide Gigabit broadband internet numerous places, something which has been out of reach for most places that aren’t in large cities. Currently MetaLINK has been serving more than 5000 residential and business customers and is very much focused on local customer care and technical support. Customers have reported that they have usually reliable connections and that the service providers are very responsive, which has led to 95 percent customer satisfaction. MetaLINK Technologies is one of the very few ISPs that operate independently in rural geographic locations in the Pacific Northwest, thus contributing to the closing of the digital gap. The goal of their ongoing growth remains to deliver more communities the invaluable gift of high-speed broadband, thereby strengthening inhabitants and their local businesses. While MetaLINK provides the physical infrastructure of the Internet and its associated services, it signifies potential.

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