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Lynx Communications is one of the prominent Regional ISP in Internet Service providers of the region which was established in the year 2005 and is situated in Orlando, Florida. They have cable and fiber optic internet packages for home and business users in Central Florida geographical areas. In their residential products they provide broadband with download speeds up to 1Gbps with no limitation on data usage and are relatively affordable. Lynx boasts a sturdy platform with an uptime of 99. 99% on average thereby guaranteeing clients seamless connection. Lynx also operates as a local telephone company so it provides its customers with the services of phone, cable television, and Internet with one provider. In business, Lynx offers business exclusive fiber internet connectivity that can support up to 10Gbps. As such, they offer high bandwidth solutions that are ideal for businesses that have a need for strong connection to operate effectively in their everyday activities. They also provide business phone solutions having unlimited calling to anyone within the United States. Lynx makes sure that it employs proficient local technicians and has a 24/7 customer support to ensure that the company gives the best client experience from the time of purchasing the equipment to the installation process up to the period of maintenance of the equipment. Lynx Communications has been operational for more than 15 years and has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida, meaning it is a local company that offers excellent services that are equal to their internet connection speed, making it an ideal provider of internet in Orlando and other areas.

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